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What can we do for you?

Software development should be your investment - not your headache. We offer you carefully and well tested development process. What makes us special is deep analysis of your needs, consulting services helping to choose the best solution, and agile approach to product development giving you fast results with cost control. We are passionate about:


Our offer tailored to advertising agencies, interactive agencies, media houses, ad serving platforms.


Our offer dedicated to small and medium size businesses willing to improve their operations or enter new business area.


Our offer directed to companies willing to scale up it's development power without extra recruitment process.


Do you have idea going beyond currently available solutions? We can offer you support on each implementation step.

Our Favourite Technologies

Thanks to our long time professional experience we are able to choose right tools and technologies for every task. You are not sure if you need MySQL or MongoDB database? We can help you choose right components and configure required server infrastructure. We have many years experience with tools and technologies like javascript, css, node.js, Angular, Loopback, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, PHP, Python, Perl, Redis..

Technologies: javascript, css, node.js, Angular, Loopback, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB, PHP, Python, Perl, Redis

Our clients

The way we handle our projects

We believe that tight cooperation and communication with client is fundamental for achieving his targets. While working with us you become a team member and on each development step you can modify product requirements.

1. Account Manager

We appoint Account Manager responsible for running your project from the very beginning to it's completion.

2. Requirements analysis

Your dedicated Account Manager will analyse your project requirements together with your employees and suggest the most optimal solutions.

3. Work planning

It's you who decides which product functions will be delivered first, you also control delivery time and project budget.

4. Project implementation

In iterative methodology product is delivered step by step and you can observe work progress, verify it's outcome and modify your requirements in real time. This is the advantage of iterative methodology.

5. Tests and product deployment

Testing product regularly gives us assurance that it's stable and free from errors. We run both - manual and automatic tests. Once we make sure that your software works as you expected and is free from any bugs we deploy it to production environment were end users can use it.

6. Product documentation, training and project summary

We always deliver to you detailed product documentation and handle your employees training. Then we summarize, together with you, what was done during development process, where we faced the problems, how can we avoid them in future and how to streamline the process in subsequent iterations.


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